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DRB Associates has been involved in the Defence and Security world since the early 1970’s. Since 1984, DRB Associates has been the UK Representative for ESCO and has been involved in marketing and supporting both military and commercial aircraft arresting systems in the UK. All the arrester systems used by the Royal Air Force are supplied and supported by ESCO. In 2010 DRB Associates assisted the Atomic Energy Authority and Atkins in carrying out studies for the the UK CAA concerning the safety of commercial aircraft arresting system. Subsequently, a policy statement was issued by the UK CAA, approving the use of EMAS beds within the RESA and even within the Runway Strip, in certain circumstances.

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Marketing Director

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ESCO  is the world’s leading supplier of military and commercial aircraft arresting systems including EMASMAX®, the most advanced arrestor system for commercial airports. For over 70 years, the company has developed products for the controlled deceleration of aircraft, including the Space Shuttle. These innovative products save lives and preserve the integrity of both the equipment and the environment.

ESCO’s EMASMAX® is the only fully tested and approved EMAS system in the world.

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