Live Arrests EMASMAX v RESA 101 and counting
Live Arrests EMASMAX v RESA 101 and counting
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Home EMASMAX Military Energy Control  About
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EMASMAX®, the world’s most advanced arrestor system for commercial airports, is accredited by the CAA and the FAA and accepted by ICAO as an alternative means of RESA compliance.

“Every aircraft that’s been arrested has flown away.”

 Rick Marinelli, FAA Manager, Airport Engineering

Photo courtesy of Port Authority of New York

 Superb Safety

Operationally and cost effective

Other significant benefits

 No RESA? No problem!

What does EMASMAX® deliver?

Declare additional distance on your runway!

The latest ICAO Update confirms both the FAA and the UK CAA advice that  EMASMAX® can be installed within the runway strip. It can also be used to free up additional runway length. One or two EMASMAX® beds (each equivalent to a full 240 metre RESA), could allow the declaration of several hundred feet of additional distance.

Spain and Norway lead the European uptake of EMASMAX®. Each has installed two systems. There are also four systems under consideration in the UK. They join the rapidly growing numbers of commercial airports  recognising the benefits of EMASMAX®.

EMASMAX®  is a bed of customised cellular cement material, designed to crush under the weight of an aircraft, thus providing predictable, controlled deceleration. Once stopped, the unique  EMASMAX® material allows passengers and crew members to exit the aircraft safely and for the aircraft to be easily removed from the arresting system.

Since no two runways are identical, each EMASMAX® application is engineered and customised in length, depth and strength to provide optimum performance for the aircraft traffic at each airport. It is typically the full width of the runway and the arrestor bed is located at the end of the runway. On long runway end safety areas (RESAs), the system is sized for 70-knot performance. On short RESAs, EMASMAX® utilises the space available for maximum stopping capability. An EMASMAX® arrestor bed can reduce the 1,000-ft. RESA requirement to 600-ft. or less.

EMASMAX® is conditioned to withstand the elements. The system is crowned for drainage, sealed with a Jet Blast Resistant (JBR) coating for durability, and can be supported by a maintenance program to ensure a long life. Winter weather conditions do not affect the systems performance and snow can be easily removed with commercially available equipment designed for use on the bed.

What is EMASMAX® ?

Quality and extended product life

Extensive computer modelling of over 100 factors, including aircraft fleet mix, determines the strength of each EMAS bed. Cold and hot testing ensures that the EMAS material retains its characteristics in extreme temperature variations.

“This system works.”

Marion C. Blakey, Chairman, NTSB, May 2002

Source: Airport Magazine

Army Corps of Enineers CRREL testing

Burn tests

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EMASMAX® proven in action!

Runway downtime, repair costs, and liability. These are just a few of the expenses that come into play after an overrun has occurred. That’s why EMASMAX® is tailored for optimum performance and maximum efficiency. The controlled deceleration achieved with EMASMAX® reduces the risk of personal injury and damage to the aircraft. The bed remains accessible by rescue and recovery vehicles, so runway downtime is minimised.

Consider a Gulfstream G-IV overrun with seven passengers and three crew members on board: no-one was injured and damage to the £20m jet was minimal. The average settlement for a lost life in an accident is £1.5m. Without EMASMAX®, this could have been an expensive tragedy with 10 families losing loved ones.

 Overruns are dangerous and expensive