Vehicle Barriers Expeditionary and fixed  UAV launch and recovery Passive perimeter security

 Arresting Systems: Energy Control

Vehicle BarriersExpeditionary and fixed UAV launch and recoveryPassive perimeter security
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Our Vehicle Arresting Systems (VAS) leverage our expertise in aircraft arrestment technologies. These systems are based upon our aircraft arresting and energy absorbing technology. ESCO Vehicle Arresting Systems provide non-lethal point of entry perimeter security, stopping and containing vehicles.


We offer custom systems that can be installed above ground, in-ground or fully transportable. Applications for this type of system include highway run-off control, motor speedways, rail crossing disaster prevention and entry-denial/control for secure area lockdown and anti-terrorist safeguards. The Expeditionary Mobile Barrier is a mobile vehicle net barrier that features the Textile Brake. The innovative arresting technology reduces the risk of injury to vehicle occupants and brings vehicle to a complete stop in predictable distance.

The RAVEN is ESCO's innovative fixed Vehicle Arresting System that offers a combination of streamlined design and straight-forward operation. It provides a rapid, non-lethal perimeter security solution that will defeat even the most challenging threat scenarios. It can be used to safely "catch" and stop any category of vehicle up to and including a 15,000 pound truck traveling at speeds of 50 mph or less. Unlike other anti-incursion devises on the market today, ESCO's RAVEN will cause minimal damage to the vehicle and/or injury to passengers. The system is installed below ground level, so it does not impede upon routine traffic or detract from the aesthetics of the surrounding area, which is often the case with traditional cement barriers and imbedded vertical bar installations.