Energy Absorbers Engagement Mobile Ancillary
Energy Absorbers Engagement Mobile Ancillary

 Arresting Systems: Military

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ESCO is the world’s leading supplier of emergency land-based arresting systems for military aircraft. The systems are built around friction, rotary hydraulic and textile energy absorbers that are available as part of permanent, semi-permanent and mobile installations. These innovative products save lives and preserve the integrity of both the equipment and the environment.

Since 1937, ESCO has developed products for the controlled deceleration of every type of military fighter aircraft flown worldwide. Currently, there are over 5,000 systems in 80 countries. These systems have been responsible for more than 125,000 successful arrestments - a safety record no other supplier can claim.

In addition to new equipment and parts, the company offers complete life-cycle support for all arresting gear needs, from upgrades and installation to product support and training. It also maintains technical expertise in all arresting systems and supports legacy systems from predecessor companies including: ESCO, All American Engineering, E.W. Bliss, Datron, Wickes Advanced Development and Engineering Center (ADEC), Gulf and Western (ADEC), Befab Safeland, Ltd. and Borgs Fabrik AB.

34B/44B Water Twister

BAK-12/500S Friction Brake

SMARTARREST® electronic/hydraulic

Computer Controlled Arresting System

Low Profile Arresting Gear (LPAG®)

Energy Absorbers

BAK-14M Retractable HC

61QSIIM Stanchion

Mk6 Stanchion

Combined systems


Portarrest® P-IV (MAAS): PAAG



Barrier Nets, Runway Edge Sheaves and

Radio Remote Control

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Energy Absorbers Engagement Mobile Ancillary